The Price of Sex: Women Rule, Men Drool

There is a price when it comes to sex. Men are willing to pay for time spent with a beautiful woman. And some of those women are willing to charge men for their time. Not every prostitute is made the same though. This can be a fantastic career for women if they play their cards right.

There are several types of prostitution that you should be aware of. Here are the six most common prostitutes, including where they work. Sex work is better for some women than it is for others. For example, independent escorts work in a safer environment than streetwalkers. Here are the six types of prostitutes and how they entice men.

Independent Escort

As the name implies, these women work independently. That means they rely on themselves for advertising and marketing. They get to travel around the world and stay in luxury hotels. They also charge higher prices than the other escorts on this list.

They work in private buildings and tend to stay out of the public eye. They also don’t use photos of themselves when they advertise. While they do advertise their services online, they get to maintain their privacy and keep their prices high since they’re self-employed. This is a good option for experienced escorts who want to work for themselves.

Escort Agency Employee

Employees work for escort agencies. Though they work for someone else, they still work in private locations or various hotels. They can also charge high prices, but the agency will take a cut of their earnings. This is a good starting point for women who want to get started working as an escort, but don’t know how to promote themselves. The agency will advertise their services online.

Brothel Employee

Brothels are private places where people pay for sex. This can include a wide range of services such as massage parlors and saunas. The prices can range from moderate to high. Brothel employees feel exploited since they give a portion of their earnings to the brothel owners. Nevada is the only state to allow legal prostitution, which is why brothels operate in that state.

Window Worker

This kind of prostitution is popular in Amsterdam. Agencies entice people by advertising women in the windows of their businesses. Some of these businesses are disguised as lingerie shops who advertise lingerie models. Some unsuspecting customers enter these businesses, thinking they’re going to buy lingerie.

Some of these businesses do sell lingerie while others strictly sell sex. This line of work pays a low-to-moderate wage. The women spend most of their time in the window, trying to entice men for sex.

There are individual rooms that separate the workers from each other. Some of these rooms have a bathroom or kitchen that’s shared by all of the women. This differs from a brothel in which the workers can socialize with customers and the staff.

Bar or Casino Girl

These escorts meet men at bars or casinos. They entice the men to leave with them and have sex at the hotel. These types of bars can take place in the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, and Thailand. The guy usually pays a flat fee to leave the place and spend several days with the escort. The guys will also pay for several of the escort’s expenses during their time together. Escorts can earn low-to-moderate salaries.


Streetwalkers don’t earn much money and are subject to exploitation. They can become victims of human trafficking. They have lower job satisfaction than the other escorts on this list. They also get paid less than bar workers, brothel girls, or independent escorts.

This is not the way to get started as an escort. This can be very dangerous, especially for young women. Streetwalkers are often subject to drugs, murder, and rape. Legalizing prostitution around the world would be the only way to make street walking safe and less stigmatized, according to experts.

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