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How Independent Escorts Make Money In Las Vegas

If you were looking to become an escort in Las Vegas there are two main options that you have to consider. The two major options are to become an independent escort or to work with an Escort Agency like Runway Escorts. There are many benefits associated with working with an escort agency like runway escorts. They will attract your clientele for you, will provide you with an area to turn to in case a customer does not pay you or get violent with you, and will provide you with protection that is much needed in this industry. However, escort agencies also take a cut of the earnings of the Escort and many Las Begas Escorts Pursue a life as an independent escort. While independent escorts in Las Vegas make money the same way that Las Vegas escorts in agencies do, by offering erotic services, there are distinct ways the money is made. Benefits as an Independent Escort Life as an independent escort is very different than one of an agency escort. While you will still be providing erotic services, the exact services that you offer will be defined and dictated by you and what you feel comfortable offering. You will not have the potential to be rejected by an agency as you will set your own rules and dictate what you want and don’t allow. Some independent escorts can earn more by offering more extreme options to customers like couple friendly escorts or GFE escorts do, while others can offer a more limited service that they feel comfortable offering. This is a major advantage to being an independent escort. Another benefit is that you will be able to keep the entire portion of your escort fees and will not need to split the fees with an agency who may take half or more of the amount the customer pays for the service. In this way, by being an escort untethered to an agency you can make more for each hour of service provided. You will set your own rates and can attract a higher premium with less work if you can attract the clientele based on your image and abilities. Risks as an Independent Escort Independent escorts in Las Vegas take certain risks when they operate with the help of an Escort Agency. For one, they are not protected by the agency and a patron can therefore injur or rip off the Independent Escort with little ability to fight back on their own. The best defense that independent escorts have, other than the police department in Vegas, is performing background checks on patrons and by attempting to protect themselves with diligence of this form. While this is a good idea, it can take time and effort to weed through those time wasters and bad actors out there which reduces the potential time and productivity of an Escort. Independent escorts will also need to spend time finding customers. There are many different Las Vegas escorts out there and an independent escort will need to compete with other independent escorts as well as escort agencies to attract their customers. Some compete with their products and services, others with their look and image, and others with some unique offering or fetish that they offer. Each independent escort needs to identify what they can use to stand out from the competition and offer a better overall service to attract customers. Regardless, they should realize that finding an customer is a major part of the challenge for independent escorts when compared to working for an Escort Agency. Independent escorts can make a good living in Las Vegas providing sexual services, particularly if they specialize as couple friendly escorts or GFE escorts, or with some other niche specialty. Still, they need to be aware that there are different risks and opportunities associated with striking out on their own without the support of an Escort Agency to assist them in finding and performing due diligence on their customers.

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